Chapter 1: How it all Started....

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My kids had seen them and wanted 1 each and as a born crafter, I didn't just want to buy them, i wanted to make them!

 The next night while my husband and son went to watch Iron Maiden in Cardiff, I set to work!   My daughter gave me a pair of her socks that she wanted as a monkey, we found a spare pillow in the spare room and used that for stuffing, and took the spare buttons off a shirt!  And I sat there hand sewing the whole thing and later that evening my 1st Sock Monkey was Born........

Please no Laughing here she is .......(1st time, I have ever shown this one)

1st sock monkey 001

I showed my husband on his return and he was impressed, and saw the enjoyment I got from making her.  The next day he went out and purchased me a little sewing machine, and some socks and proper stuffing!

Below are the 1st batch of sock monkeys ever made!  Most of these were given as gift to my kids friends and family members.


I continued to make them for my kids friends and families birthdays, christmas, etc.... and then a friends asked if I have ever considered making them to sell because her friends had seen them and wanted some for her kids. Which leads to the next chapter.........

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